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A team of experts and graduates is available to our customers for any information regarding products or in order to provide useful advice for a correct and well-balanced diet. 

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Quality and Safety

Information material

Information material

Manuale di Bellezza 2015

Simple and short guide which helps discovering the universe of Forsan Cosmetics and Supplements.

GUIDE for a safe purchasing of dietary supplements over the Internet

A guida promoted byFedersalus (the Italian Association of Health Products' Manufacturers and Distributors) to provide information and promote a safe purchasing of dietary supplements over the Internet.

Quality and Safety

Forsan pays attention to the quality of its products by constantly pursuing a 360° excellence in all issues regarding formulas, safety of products and customer satisfaction. For this reason, we follow standard operational procedures and strict control systems involving each production and distribution phase.

Each manufacturing activity of Forsan is exclusively performed by type-approved suppliers, which offer a high quality and safety standard and meet all the reliability and guarantee needs in terms of provisioning.

All suppliers are constantly controlled and assessed through periodic detailed visits in the various production units, aiming to compare production processes with existing guidelines.

All Forsan product batches, before being commercialised, undergo strict controls in order to ensure their compliance with qualitative and safety specifications defined by our purchase agreements. Furthermore, several periodic analyses are performed at certified and internationally renowned external laboratories, so as to analytically ensure the Quality and Safety of finished products.